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Terms & Conditions / Liability Disclaimer

Using this website of CANDILIDIS SA, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of use as set out below. You also agree that you will not consider us, CANDILIDIS and its subsidiaries, as responsible for the information, advice and recommendations posted on this website and all its marketing materials. If a visitor of this site does not agree with the terms of use provided in this section, he / she ought not to use the website of CANDILIDIS S.A.

1. Our company CANDILIDIS has compiled this website with all due care. However, we clearly state that we do not guarantee that the information and advice on our site (variety descriptions, advice, and all information in general) is complete and accurate. For this reason, our company CANDILIDIS assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage, indirect or direct, that may result from the use of this site and the information appearing here. The reader takes full responsibility for the potential risk of using the information displayed on our site.

2. CANDILIDIS reserves the right to make any changes to this website (as well as its subsidiaries' websites) whenever it deems necessary (including the terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.). Please check the terms and conditions at regular intervals, as the continued use of this site implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3. As written in our Privacy Policy, CANDILIDIS uses links and references to third-party sites on its website. On these sites CANDILIDIS has no responsibility whatsoever for the content and the information given indirectly or directly by them. Please read the relevant terms and conditions.

4. The content of this site (photographic material, information, etc.) is protected by legislation in favor of CANDILIDIS (unless otherwise stated). No part of it can be reproduced or republished by any means (printing, digital or non-photocopying, etc.) without the clear consent of CANDILIDIS SA.

5. CANDILIDIS's website may not, in any way, be held responsible for any indirect or consequential damages to software or computer hardware of any user on that company's website.

6. These General Terms and Conditions for the use of the internet site of CANDILIDIS SA are subject to the laws of Greece.

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