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Our company

We are proud to present our brand new logo and our refreshed corporate identity. With the same values ​​and foundations we have been operating for 44 years, we are next to our customers aiming to offer the best products for the Greek market. Today our company is renamed CANDILIDIS SA.


Our main object is the import and distribution of veterinary products (medicines, vaccines and nutritional supplements for small and large animals) in Greece. 

For over 40 years our company has taken a course with respect to people, society and the environment, with the family spirit as the foundation and always remaining reliable and consistent with our values. With our organized sales network, as well as our strategic partnerships, we offer high quality products and services throughout Greece. We are constantly updating and enriching our product range, delivering high quality services and meeting the needs of our customers.


Our company was founded in 1978 by Thalis K. Candilidis under the name M. Candilidis & Co. Our main objective was plant protection products and fertilizers. Later on, the Vegetable Seeds and the Veterinary Department was created. 

The founder of our company, was present in the field of agrochemicals, pharmaceutical and veterinary medicines since 1947 and was one of the pioneers and founders of Lapafarm SA (a company that over the years had the exclusive distribution of several multinational companies, such as American Cyanamid, Wyeth, Gildead, etc.)

His experience and his creativity were the basis upon which the younger members of his family relied on to build their own business future. The third generation of the family has been actively involved in the company for more than 10 years now, thus continuing the development of the company, but also having as an ally the 60 years of experience.


Today our company has been renamed from AGROSEED CANDILIDIS SA to CANDILIDIS SA  and focuses exclusively on veterinary medicines, being at the moment, the only Greek company with vaccines for small animals. At the same time, the series of veterinary medicines for small and productive animals cover many of the constantly changing needs of the Greek veterinarian, the breeder and the owners of small animals.

Our 5 core Values

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We believe that diversification drives the sustainable growth of our business and we apply this principle in the product range we choose to market. We continuously research new products and monitor the success of our existing products as part of this process
We are honest and true to our values.We are a family owned company since 1978, keeping our values as the foundation that drives what we do everyday
We are committed to establish long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, and also committed to building a better, more sustainable future for our environment, further inspiring life
We show respect for our people, for the environment, for our clients and for our business partners. We value their opinion and we stay dedicated to them
We are passionate about our work and we continuously move forward searching for innovative and revolutionary products for our market

Our mission

Dedicated in meeting the changing needs of our customers by staying ahead of the market in the areas of innovation, new product development and customer service. We inspire life by investing in products that are essential in the beginning of many life cycles

Our vision

To further improve our highly specialized profile by developing and introducing innovative products and services, and grow all our business divisions, while respecting and valuing the environment, the society and our business relationships
Business Meeting

Candilidis SA

44 years
next to our customers​

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